Manage your business finances through WhatsApp

All in less than 5 minutes a day and with the security you need.

Register payments and receipts with just one message

View your financial balance at any time

Access simplified charts of your expenses

No complicated spreadsheets or apps, it's all through WhatsApp.

And with the security and protection of your financial data.

How does Lucrefy work for your company?

Register sales and payments

Have all your business debits and credits in one place

Automatic calculation of profit or loss

Just send a message, and you receive a summary of your financial balance

No formulas

Don’t worry about complex formulas, Lucrefy calculates everything for you
Access automated charts and data that make it easier to analyze your company's finances!
Have all your business debits and credits in one place
Lucrefy in the first person:
Your favorite messaging platform!
Manage your business finances directly on your WhatsApp.

Cash flow

Best-selling products

Accounts receivable

Financial report and much more!

Try it free for 14 days!
After 14 days, subscribe to the monthly plan of:
Check out how easy it is!
Lucrefy Pequenas Empresas e Grandes Negócios

Startup launches financial management service via WhatsApp for individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Lucrefy offers a practical and real-time view of business cash flow; the service starts at R$ 19.90. Read More.

By: Luana de Andrade

Join a standout solution in PEGN, the São Paulo Commercial Association, and globally awarded!
Lucrefy is an easy, practical, and fast solution to control your business’s sales and payments through WhatsApp. With Lucrefy, you can track your cash flow, know if you are making a profit or loss, and identify areas to improve your financial results.
Just send simple messages via WhatsApp, like “Sold 30 reais PIX today” or “Paid 50 reais for electricity,” and Lucrefy organizes everything for you. No need for a computer, extra apps, or Excel knowledge.
Lucrefy allows you to manage your finances directly from the messaging app you already use daily, like WhatsApp, in just 5 minutes a day. We also offer a personalized experience and a free 14-day trial to help you get the most out of your business activity.
With Lucrefy, you can track cash flow, accounts payable and receivable, best-selling products, and have access to a detailed analysis of your business’s financial performance. We also support DRE (Income Statement) and other important financial reports.
Yes, Lucrefy is designed with security in mind. Your financial information is kept private and secure through end-to-end encryption of supported apps, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your data.
We offer a single plan for WhatsApp, available through a subscription of R$19.90 per month on WhatsApp. Additionally, we offer 14 free days so you can try Lucrefy with no commitment.
How can I try Lucrefy for free?
Yes, our support team is available to help with any questions or issues you may have while using Lucrefy. You can contact us via WhatsApp or email, and we will be happy to assist you.
To cancel your Lucrefy subscription, send a message on the platform itself or to our support team via WhatsApp or email, and they will help you with the cancellation process.
We accept payments via credit card. After the free trial period, we will request your payment information and then charge you monthly according to the chosen plan. Rest assured, we do not charge anything automatically after the trial period without your authorization.

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